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D1 Nation Online Resume And Recruiting Profile


D1 Nation Online Resume and Recruiting Profiles

Mission:  To provide a useful data base, connecting “less than blue chip” prospects to colleges to increase opportunity for scholarship and placement. This is for both academics or athletics, and a blend of both. The mission is also to do this in an affordable fashion for families wanting basic help in navigating a very confusing journey.


For over 20 years D1 Nation Founder Max Ivany and his colleagues have established numerous recruiting relationships; around the United States and around the world. The D1 Nation web site currently has over 4,000,000 views, many by college coaches who know it to be a trusted source of honest evaluations. What we can offer your family is a verifiable DIRECT legacy of having placed 300 Division One athletes through our D1 Nation programs and web site.  We’ve also assisted 500 more at the D2, D3, Junior College and NAIA level.  This includes 9 NBA players and the Heisman Trophy winner, Robert Griffin III (Baylor).

Pricing of Basic Profiles

Here’s how it works:  For only $159 a family can establish a legitimate and cost effective online presence for their son or daughter. It will include photos, video, academic information, achievements and contact information for your prospective athlete. Everything will be organized in a beautiful format for future employers as well as college coaches, friends and family to see. Your profile link will stay up on for as long as you’d like in this digital format, even into adulthood if desired.


Your information can be updated at any time, but there is a $25 maintenance fee whenever the player and family deems it important that information be updated. Whether it’s academic or athletic achievements, photos or videos, the $25 is a flat rate per update request.  We recommend that this be done on a seasonal basis or when something significant changes. Be organized and your costs will be kept to a minimum.  And if you deem that you do not want or need updates then there will never be another charge.


Custom recruiting assistance is available upon request.  Please email Coach Ivany at as to how we can meet your needs and for a quote. This can include a targeted approach to college's at the athlete's honest, recruitable level and even arranging unofficial visits for the family to meet coaches and tour campus facilities.


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Max Ivany


Phone: (512) 791-5455